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Portland, Oregon

What's your brand?

And how can we make it great?

"Brand" sounds like a marketing word, and so it is. But  I think "brand" means so much more than the colors and fonts you choose. It's your company's personality, the way your clients, customers, or target audience feels when they think of you. Not only that, it extends to the way you run your business, the choices you make every day, the way you communicate with the world. It's the stories you tell. 

Yep, every email you send, tweet you compose, and word on your website says something about you to the world. To truly differentiate yourself and connect with your target audience, you need authentic, compelling, and persuasive communication every single time you ask for your audience's attention. You need to make it worth their while to listen to you, while simultaneously reinforcing your uniqueness in their minds. That all sounds pretty big, but I've got the expertise and passion to showcase my clients' visions for a better world, whatever corner of it they may choose to improve. Let's show the world what's great about you. 


  • Long and short term brand strategy
  • Brand voice and tone definition
  • Mission and vision exploration
  • Messaging and customer communications
  • Organizational development 
  • One-off marketing or fundraising campaigns
  • Big-picture narratives and long-term planning
  • Brand guidelines and goal-setting
  • Operational strategy
  • Content strategy

Got another idea? Let's work together! If it has to do with making vibrant words that display your true colors, I've got the expertise and experience to help you produce something great. Just want to ask some questions about your brand? Let me know—I love helping people find the heart of how they communicate with their customers and the world at large.