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Portland, Oregon

Hi, I'm Rachel.

It's really good to meet you.


How'd you get good at this stuff? In my days at Simple, I made our founders' vision for their brand into words, actions, ideals, and policies. They've been a success in part because of that holistic approach to the meaning of "brand". Since then, I have worked with many early and mid-stage startups to help them define how they present themselves to the world, and in keeping their brand consistent internally and externally.

Before Simple, I had extensive experience in politics and non-profits, telling stories to raise funds, awareness, and engagement. The unifying theme of my career has been authentic communication that gets results and stays true to meaningful ideals. That's what I've been doing successfully for well over a decade. It's also what I love to do, and it's how I can help make your great idea even better. 

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Why "Gimme the Lute"? Well, first, I love hip-hop, so it's a reference to the Notorious B.I.G. (RIP) track "Gimme the Loot." But that's really only a small part of it.

I'll be honest with you: this is mostly a Dungeons & Dragons reference. If you're not familiar with the game, you play as a character (of your own design) who's part of a group of adventurers (the others are played by your friends). There are several archetypes; fighters, wizards, rangers, and the like, and each has its own function in an adventuring party. My favorite? The Bard. Rather than a sword or spell, she wields the power of a great story. With her bardic knowledge, she keeps her friends informed and safe, and with her masterful communication skills she can talk her way into (or out of) almost anything. Most importantly, although a bard could fight if she wanted to, she influences the battle with her tales. While her friends fight enemies with magic and weapons, she steps into the background, casting spells to make her friends stronger, and singing songs to make them braver. Her words make hammers hit harder, swords cut deeper, and spells cast more readily. 

That's what I do: whatever it is you're putting out there into the world, I'm here to make it better. I'm here to amplify the energy you put into your great idea, weave stories to make your efforts more successful. I'm here to help you shine. A bard has her lute, and I have my expertise. So "gimme the lute" is my (nerdy) way of saying "go do your thing, I'll help you make it awesome, and I've got your back."